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Trump Ocean Club

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Global Finance & Investments, S.A.

Trump Ocean Club 507-202-0202

Management: & Leasing

Griselda Perez - President

(507) 282-5500 or 6090-3070

Javier Icaza - Executive Vice President

(507) 282-5500 or 6070-6126

Zacgary Lundgren - Executive Vice President

(507) 202-0202 or 6252-7919

Zuly Lundgren - Administrator

(507) 202-0202 or 6112-3093


Come and Visit Us!

If you would like a personal tour of our rental apartments or offices please call us and make an appointment or just stop by our office in the Trump Ocean Club Office Component, Floor 2. One of our knowledgeable staff members would be delighted to show you all of the rental properties, services and facilities we provide.

Ocean Club BayLoft Rental Apartments

(507) 202-0202